Emotion moves my hand, blends my color. Always searching for the quiet, peace and solitude in a subject. These feelings are important in my work. It reflects a part of who I am. Where I’ve been with my art is really the same place I’ve been going with my life. I strive to push through boundaries and find real change in my work. To explore the undiscovered within myself - that is the day to day journey.

Attended “ The School of Associated Arts “  in St. Paul MN in the late 70’s. Lots of great memories. SAA, as most of us called it, was a small art college that enabled me to really focus on the art I wanted to create, which in turn allowed me to develop the ideas I have with me now. Another benefit of the school was to befriend two instructors ( David Raven and Jerry LeFevre and a fellow student - Stephen gates,) who still influence me in my daily work.

I was lucky enough to have parents that nurtured the creativity that lay within me and who still support my art today. That support continues with my wife Jana and son Jorma. Influences are many and varied and besides art books and school, I take home a great deal of knowledge from museums and galleries. Always searching, always dreaming.  

short bio

“ To be an artist, one must first be a man ( or woman ) - vitally concerned with all problems of social struggle. Unflinching in portraying them without concealment or evasion. Never shirking the truth as he or she understands it “  

                                                                 Diego Rivera

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This page is a brief bio of my art & history.

Throughout you will find information on different subjects and a short bit of personal information.